When You Replace The Fun. Song With The Score From ‘Requiem For A Dream,’ This Southwest Ad Becomes Evil

03.24.13 14 Comments

If you are anything like me, you’ve spent most of the past four days watching an absurd amount of college basketball. And if you’ve spent most of the past four days watching an absurd amount of college basketball, you’ve no doubt been subjected to this Southwest commercial over and over, to the point that if you hear “Some Nights” by Fun. one more time you might snap and throw your television out the window. This is not advisable, as televisions are rather expensive to repair or replace, and most jurisdictions in this country still don’t accept “BUT THAT GODDAMN SONG” as an affirmative defense to property damage.

So, in an attempt to maintain your sanity (as well as my own), I stripped all the audio from the commercial and replaced it with the score from Requiem for a Dream. The result: It changes from a very nice ad featuring friendly employees and people hugging into what appears to be a diabolical plot by Southwest to take over the world. One that somehow involves fashion shows, ballerinas, men in superhero costumes, and a board meeting where some nefarious Illuminati-style goings-on are taking place. AND WHAT IS THAT BABY HIDING? IS HE SIGNALING SOMEONE FROM THAT WINDOW? I don’t trust him. Let’s put him in timeout just to be safe.

Anyway, the lessons from this are twofold: 1) The score from Requiem for a Dream can make anything look evil as hell, and 2) Computers are neat.

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