A ‘Shōgun’ Season 2 Is Looking Increasingly Likely After A Telling Sign From FX

FX’s Shōgun won the viewership battle even without including John Blackthorne’s massive dong as written in James Clavell’s classic novel. The series, however, was such an intricate production that the showrunners were hesitant to express real hope for a second season. Still, the show’s surprising season finale left the narrative wide open for more. Lord Toranaga cemented his leadership, and hey, he also torched Blackthorne’s ship, which was a mood (for both parties). End of story?

Maybe not. A new wrinkle has appeared for what always been spoken of as a limited series. As Deadline reports, Hiroyuki Sanada is now attached to continue as Lord Toranaga in some way if more happens. This isn’t a guarantee of a second season, but it’s a sure sign that FX is working to make more of this ridiculously popular series:

Hiroyuki Sanada, star and producer of FX’s limited series Shōgun, has closed a deal to return as Lord Yoshii Toranaga, sources tell Deadline. Securing Sanada, whose character’s journey to become shōgun and lead Japan to an era of peace was chronicled in the 10-episode adaptation of James Clavell’s novel, has been considered crucial to any plan to extend Shogun beyond its original installment.

As Deadline notes, “[o]ther elements are still being worked out and deals are being finalized.” Does this mean that Clavell’s Asian Saga would continue as written, or maybe Toranaga can go have his own show somewhere else or even take a beach vacation in front of cameras instead? Feel free to laugh me out of the room on that suggestion. On a more serious note, however, in a previous USA Today interview, it sure sounds like Hiroyuki Sanada was suggesting that there will be more Blackthorne in Toranaga’s life:

“Blackthorne is useful to Toranaga, who wants to keep him in Japan and not let him go back to England,” says Sanada. “And when Blackthorne builds the ship again, he’ll burn it again.”

Blackthorne, you are going nowhere.

C’mon, Cosmo Jarvis, sign on the dotted line… and hopefully, we’ll hear more soon from FX.

(Via Deadline & USA Today)