When Is ‘Yellowstone’ Returning For The Last Half Of Season 5 (And The Show’s Final Episodes)? Here’s What We Know

Yellowstone has been subject to swirling rumors of a Kevin Costner exit for months. This week, a report from Entertainment Tonight claimed that the leading man would be fully finished with the series after Season 5. No representatives from Paramount Network or Costner’s camp immediately stepped up to confirm or deny this one, and there was no earthly way to know when filming would resume because Costner has just began shooting (and directing) Horizon. As well, this week saw multiple Yellowstone cast members indicate that they weren’t aware of updates or definitive plans.

A few days later, Paramount has announced that Taylor Sheridan’s flagship Yellowstone series will end after Season 5, Part 2. As for when these episodes will release? Via Hollywood Reporter, the “final episodes will air starting in November.” Shooting is projected to begin in August.

From there, the network announced a Dutton-focused Yellowstone sequel with scant details, but this could be the mystery project starring Matthew McConaughey. Additionally, there are almost too many current and upcoming Taylor Sheridan-created shows (both inside and outside of Yellowstone proper) to count at this point, so the cowboy soap-operas shall continue.

Rumors of turmoil on the Western juggernaut began to heat up in January after Yellowstone paused for a Season 5 mid-season break and then, well, continued the break. Rumors have emerged to suggest irreconcilable friction between creator Taylor Sheridan and Costner with the latter’s schedule apparently being a sticking point.

As well, Yellowstone fans were crushed after the April 1 Paleyfest event was advertised to include both Taylor and Costner, but at the last hour (literally), both fans and the press learned that neither would attend the panel, which some people went to great expense and time to attend.

This week, both Kelly Reilly (who plays Beth Dutton) and Lainey Wilson (who swills whiskey as Abby) fielded questions about drama in the production. As well, Costner’s wife, Christine, filed for divorce this week after nearly 19 years of marriage. In other words, there’s lots going on with Kevin Costner.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)