10 Famous Movie Roles Almost Played By Kurt Russell

03.17.14 5 years ago 13 Comments

Few actors working today have had a career spanning as long as Kurt Russell’s. It’s easy to think of him in his most famous roles (Escape From New York, Tombstone, The Thing) as the tough guy who doesn’t take crap from anybody, but he was a successful child actor as well, with his earliest role dating back to the Dennis The Menace TV show in 1962.

With over 50 years of working in the movie business there are bound to be certain parts that got away, whether it be scheduling conflicts, pay disputes or simply an actor who better fit the role. Today is Kurt Russell’s 63rd birthday which means it’s the perfect time to look back at ten roles Kurt Russell was up for, but for whatever reason slipped through his fingers.

1. The Sound Of Music — 1965, Kurt Russell auditioned for the part of a Von Trapp kid, but the role went to Nicholas Hammond instead.

2. Star Wars: A New Hope — 1977, the role of Han Solo that would make Harrison Ford a star.

3. Night Shift — 1982, the part of Bill, played by Michael Keaton.

4. Splash — 1984, the role of Allen played by Tom Hanks.

5. Rocky IV — 1985, Ivan Drago (lol wut?)

6. Bull Durham — 1988, the role of Crash Davis that went to Kevin Costner.

7. Jurassic Park — 1993, role of Dr. Alan Grant that was played by Sam Neil.

8. Batman Forever — 1995, the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman that went to Val Kilmer.

9. The Expendables — 2010, miscellaneous tough guy role.

10. Django Unchained — 2012, the role of Ace Woody, a character that was later merged with Billy Crash.

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