10 Star Trek Episodes That Could Be Made Into Movies That Would Satisfy Old And New Trekkies Alike

Star Trek is now a blockbuster action movie franchise. It just is. There’s no going back after the success of the bombastic Star Trek Into Darkness. Frequent explosions and gravity-defying action scenes are what the average viewer expects of the franchise now. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against action — action has always been a part of the Star Trek formula. Note I said a part of the formula.

But wait — would it be possible for future Trek movies to provide both big action and the more intelligent, character-driven stuff the series was once known for? Could both new and old school Trekkies walk out of a new Star Trek movie feeling totally satisfied? I think it could happen if the makers of the next movie look toward these 10 Trek episodes for inspiration…

Note – I only chose Original Series and Next Generation episodes for this list. I love Deep Space Nine, but it’s such a departure from the standard Trek formula that it would almost impossible to turn its best episodes into movies. As for Voyager and Enterprise, well, I don’t think I need to explain why they didn’t make the list, do I?