15 hilarious ‘Kate Middleton for the win’ entries

Are you sick of “the royal wedding” yet? I sure as hell am! I mean, isn’t the whole reason we declared our independence from the British and fought them in a war was so that we wouldn’t have to be subjected to the whims of and goings-on of the incestual freaks that comprise their monarchy? Why yes, I think it is.
So why does the American media persist in force feeding us this nonsense? I, or no one that I know, gives not a single f*ck about ANY OF THIS. As Americans, the royal family exists solely for us to mock and ridicule mercilessly, because we can. It is not to be celebrated or fawned over in any way. Not now. Not ever.
In such, I thought it’d be fitting to throw together a collection of my favorites from the Tumblr’s best royal family mocking and ridiculing site: Kate Middleton For the Win. I don’t know Anne Clark, the witty lady behind the operation, but I think I’m kinda in love with her. Here are my 15 favorite offerings from her site.