This Charming Man: 15 GIFs That Prove George Clooney Is The King Of Charm

For over 20 years, George Clooney has been making mankind look bad. Actually, let me rephrase that: he’s been making other men look bad to females, because, I mean, c’mon, there’s not competing with that banner image. And yet, I don’t hate the fact that my wife insists on watching E.R. repeats right before we call it a night. It’s damn near impossible to hate George Clooney, whether on land, sea, or space, because he’s one charming motherf*cker.

Just don’t make Leatherheads II. In honor of the spectacular Gravity (“In space, no one can hear you scream, but you can listen to George Clooney’s consoling voice”), here are some of his finest, most charming GIFs.

1. The Clooney Chuckle is also my favorite dance.

2. I want to be there.

3. Even he knows it.

4. My non-existent ovaries just exploded.

5. Not even trying.

6. A dapper Dapper Dan man.

7. Coolney.

8. It’s like the Kate Upton staring GIF, but for ladies (and let’s face it, men).

9. He did a double take after looking at himself in the mirror.

10. Those eyebrows have been known to cure cancer.

11. A man with no sorrow.


13. Millions of people would love to hear George Clooney say the word “f*ck” to them.

14. Soon.

15. Stop. Just stop.

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