Cousin Eddie Is Based On A Real Guy And Other Surprising ‘Christmas Vacation’ Facts

One of the things that made Christmas Vacation (which is a part of the Warner Bros. Holiday Gift Guide) so successful is that it touches on the image of a Normal Rockwell Christmas that so many people strive for during the holiday seasons, only to fall devastatingly and hilariously short. An outcome that is also, unfortunately, relateable. But, while you know the film and its mix of loud in-laws and calamity and while it may know you, you may be unaware of some of these facts about Christmas Vacation, so leave the decorations in the garage for another day and read up.

1. If the Griswold’s neighbor’s house looks familiar that’s because it’s the house Murtaugh lived in throughout the Lethal Weapon movies.

Yes, the Griswolds and the Murtaughs all resided on the Warner Brothers Studios lot. Relive the suburban nostalgia with virtual tour of the neighborhood here.

Below is a still of the neighborhood in Lethal Weapon.

2. The Dodge pickup truck that tailgates and provokes Clark and his family during the movie’s opening scenes was also used by Kurt Russel in Overboard.

3. This is the only National Lampoon’s Vacation movie not to feature Lindsay Buckingham’s “Holiday Road.” 

Presumably because there is no road trip. Instead, we got the song “Christmas Vacation” performed by Mavis Staples.

4. Cousin Eddie’s characteristics were based off a childhood acquaintance of Randy Quaid’s.

Quaid developed many of Eddie’s mannerisms (such as the clicking of his tongue during the meal) from someone he knew while growing up in Texas.