A ’21 Jump Street’-Style Drug Bust Just Went Down In Houston

When Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill starred in 21 Jump Street (2012), the two actors were in their early 30s and late 20s, respectively. They played two adult cops posing as high school students, a scenario that — despite how ridiculous it actually is — would have gone unnoticed by a bunch of recently-arrested students in suburban Houston. Why? Because they fell for the exact same scenario.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the six arrests made at two high schools in the Pearland Independent School District were the direct result of an eight-month-long undercover investigation. In other words, adult cops were posing as high school students:

Lt. Chris Reioux of the Brazoria County Narcotics Task Force – who jokingly said he hates the “Jump Street” movies – said his department has conducted several “Jump Street”-style undercover operations in recent years, including in Angleton, West Columbia, Brazoswood and Pearland.

Hold on a minute. They’ve done this more than once? Successfully?

“I don’t think anyone suspects that their classmate is an undercover cop,”  Reioux said. “With the recent release of the ‘Jump Street’ movies, I think they’re a little more apprehensive, but it’s more of a joking matter – ‘you’re not “21 Jump Street” are you?’

“They don’t believe the person next to them who shows up to school every day, is doing homework next to them, is an undercover officer.”

Two of the six arrests made were minors. In addition, the task force seized marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs — making for a very successful drugs bust, six embarrassed teenagers, and a free bit of publicity for the Jump Street film series.

The fake 22 Jump Street sequels notwithstanding, this life-imitates-art scenario just might give Phil Lord and Chris Miller the inspiration they need for a bona fide third film. How about 23 Jump Street: Home on the Range? I don’t think “Yeehaw!” is a trademarked catchphrase, yet.

(Via Houston Chronicle)