2QWOP: The Review

Just in time for President’s Day, it’s the sequel to…QWOP!

For those unfamiliar, QWOP is a game designed entirely to troll you. You control a runner, and to make sure it’s a perfect simulation of running the 100-meter dash, you control the calves and thighs of your runner…independently.

If that sounds insanely difficult, why, yes, it is. It’s also intensely funny to play, at least for five minutes, as you make your avatar flail like a deranged chicken.

That said, the sequel disappoints. There are no trophies or achievements, just a second player added. Equally disappointingly, it has even less story than its predecessor: we never learn why QWOP develops a clone. Similarly, the demand for a second keyboard seems excessive, especially since the controls are so limited.

Ah well. Another failed sequel.

[ fun with trolling via Kotaku ]