3:33:01.40 The New World Record Pac-Man Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled

Yes, that is actually how effed up Pac-Man’s 256th level looks.

Setting a world record must be pretty cool. Then again, after you reach that sort of apex, I imagine you find yourself on everyone’s hit list who is gunning for that position. And so is the case for Pac-Man pimp Dave Race, who recently set the new speed record for attaining a perfect score on a standup Pac-Man arcade machine. Believe it or not, Dave actually already set the speed record back in 2009, but his new time trumps his old by 55.31 seconds.

For those who don’t know, a perfect Pac-Man score is reached when players eat every single pellet, enemy, dot and fruit, without losing a single life, within the game’s first 255 levels -at which point the game offers one last split-screen level, before it glitches out completely. The first dude to ever achieve this feat was hot sauce master Billy Mitchell in 1999. It took him around 6 hours to achieve.

RecordSetter.com features a lengthy home recording of Dave Race’s Pac-Man achievement, which we’ve included after the jump for you. Because, come on, let’s be honest: neither of us is going anywhere for the next few hours. Say, did you know Pacman was originally called Puckman? They changed the name because they were worried people would change the P to F…

*Ramona Flowers walks off*

[via kotaku]