4 Hollywood Trends Video Games Need To Steal (And A Couple They Don’t)

04.16.14 5 years ago 21 Comments
Video games have wanted to be movies since the time video games were invented, and yet oddly today’s game industry is ignoring a lot of what’s going on in Hollywood. Now don’t get me wrong, video games and movies are different mediums, and there’s value in each doing their own thing, but the video game industry is leaving a lot of money on the table by not yanking the following ideas from Hollywood…

The Avengers

How is there not a video game Avengers yet? No, not a video game about the The Avengers (there’s a few of those) — an Avengers-like team made up of video game characters. I mean, I guess Nintendo has Smash Bros. but that’s not quite the same thing.

If Nintendo was serious about pulling themselves out of their current doldrums, they’d announce new Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Star Fox games at this year’s E3, each of which would have a post-credits scene that leads to the SUPER MEGA MINDBLOWING CROSSOVER game in 2016. Stop trying to cobble together a movie universe with nothing but Spider-Man, and do it with your video game properties instead, Sony. Stop doing, uh, whatever it is that you’re doing Capcom and give us a Mega Man/Resident Evil/Street Fighter mashup.

Don’t tell me you’re not interested in controlling Jennifer Lawrence.

YA Novel Adaptations

How much better would The Hunger Games have been as a video game? The movies are decent enough excuses to gaze at Jennifer Lawrence for two hours, but a Hunger Games video game would have actually let you play through The Hunger Games. Publishers need to be keeping both eyes on the young adult fiction market so they can bring the next sparkly vampire/child murder phenomenon to the video game market first.

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