49ers-Redskins MNF Live Blog, Second Half

Two first downs through the opening five drives, including three three-and-outs by the Redskins. On the ensuing drive, the 49ers had the first third down conversion of the game… 10 minutes in. Then it was Anquan Boldin taking over with two tough catches on consecutive plays, picking up 33 yards and a touchdown.

Redskins finally got a first down thanks to a highly questionable spot on a RGIII run on third down. Not that it mattered much as a few plays later, Griffin threw an awful forced interception on a rollout. Despite starting with the ball past midfield, the Niners only turned it into another field goal to push their lead to 10-0.

Midway through the second quarter, Washington got on the board with a field goal after their best drive of the night ended just inside the red zone. The Navajo Code Talkers would add another with a field goal converted with the clock running in the final seconds of the half.

Even with the first three terrible opening drives, the Redskins lead in yardage and time of possession. Neither of those mean winning at the moment, but Washington at least looks like it has its bearings.

Meanwhile, Joe Theismann has a report on what’s going on over on RAW.


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