5 Charmingly Endearing Craigslist Casual Encounters From Nerds At Comic-Con

Here’s an official Comic-Con scoop you won’t read anywhere else: NERDS BE HORNY.
I know, right? But it’s true. And with so many fine-looking men and women wandering through the streets and convention centers of San Diego in their skintight costumes, nerds be EXTRA-horny this weekend. Thank God we have the Casual Encounters section on Craigslist, then, which is chock full of “I’m in town, you’re in town — let’s meet up and transform into something amazing together” posts.
These are the five most charmingly endearing Craigslist Casual Encounters posts for SDCC.

I’m gonna be Ryu from Street Fighter at Comic-Con – m4m – 22 (sdcc)
I’m going to Comic-Con as Ryu from Street Fighter. Are there any interested photographers? Cuz I would love to pose for pictures :)

Geeking out! – m4w – 32 (Comic-con)
Heading down to San Diego this week for geek mecca Comic-con. It’ll be fun to get away from real life for a few days and just geek out. Really looking forward to all the great panels, especially the Firefly reunion on Friday.
While making your way through the hordes of people do you ever want to just pluck someone out of the crowd and have a naughty good time with them NSA? Are you maybe attached at home, but looking to play a bit while away? Maybe you should send me a message and we can talk about it.
I don’t respond to bots unless it’s Bender or Rosey, so make sure you send a real response.

Looking for a Comic Con freak for PnP! – m4w – 50 (Downtown)
Here’s the play…You’re sitting around your hotel room waiting for whatever, fingering your pussy and fantasizing about what Edward’s cold, vampire cock would feel like pressing against your cervix. Ha, caught you! Get your ass to the bathroom and wash your fingers. Listen up. You are bored as fuck. Best case, you’re going to go home with some lame ass story about getting fucked by some surfer dude who vomits on you doggie style and can’t find your hole. He’ll blame it on the Green Flash but we both know better. Hey, you got to see the new “Ironman” trailer, didn’t you. All’s not wasted. Is that the memory you want? What kind of life are you living? If the pic turns you on…if you fantasize about getting your pussy raped by some alien life form from LV-223 with a big cock and being impregnated by extraterrestrial seed, you and I are soul mates. Come to my playroom. I’ll help you get your kink on and take care of your sick, twisted needs. You perverted and deviant fuck!! I’ll give you a god damn story. Got crazy swag.
Put “Alien spunk tastes like warm Jagermeister” in the subject line and attach a pic of your shaved and ready pussy.
It’s time to get crazy. Let’s have some god damned fun! Did I mention, be in costume. Yeah, that would be cool.

You can keep your costume on. ;-) – m4w – 28 (Downtown)
In town for Comic-con and can’t get enough of all you hot-ass cosplay ladies, and would love to engage in a little role-playing with an attractive girl with an active imagination. If you’re down to cause trouble with a tall, attractive guy before the con comes to a close, feel free to say hello and we’ll see where it leads.

Looking for HOT mac n’ cheese – m4w – 23 (San Diego)
Young, hungry OC native down for comic con, raging for steaming bowl of macaroni and cheese. Send pics. Will be in the gas lamp district tonight.