5 Games You Want This Week (June 30th – July 6th)

Keeping track video game releases isn’t as easy as it once was — the volume of games released each week is constantly expanding, and they’re spread over a mind-boggling array of platforms (consoles, PC, Mac, handhelds and mobile).

Well, I’m here to make things a little easier on you. Every week I’ll rattle off five games I think you should check out. These articles are not meant to be comprehensive lists of everything coming out that week — think of them as a nice rounded tasting menu. Each week I’ll try to highlight several games from different corners of the gaming landscape (handhelds, consoles, indie, PC, you name it) then finish up with a “Pick of the Week”.

Hit the jump for the five games you’re going to want to check out this week…

This Week’s Handheld Game

Crash City Mayhem (3DS eShop, July 2nd)

Crashing! Mayhem! Hey, those things sound fun! Basically a low-rent Driver game, Crash City Mayhem has you taking on the role of a courier tasked with carrying out various dangerous deliveries and missions. The game may not be terribly original, but for a 20-dollar download, it looks solid.

This Week’s Adventure Game

The Inquisitor: Book I: The Plague (PC & Mac, July 2nd)

Oooo, how could a game with that many colons in its title be bad? The Inquisitor is a classic point and click adventure game set in a The Name of the Rose-like setting with some extra Lovecraftian monsters thrown in for good measure. Give the game some points for an interesting setting at least.

This Week’s uh…wait, are we out of games already?

Yup, the two obscure games I just listed are pretty much the only new games coming out this week. Apparently you’re supposed to be spending your entire Independence Day long weekend appreciating America, or fishin’ down at the ol’ cabin or something. Yeah, sure.

So, how about this — I’m going to fill out the rest of the list with some old games that fit the Independence Day theme. Cool? Okay then…

Star Fox 64 3D (3DS)

The Independence Day video game is a legendary heap of crap, but that’s okay, because Nintendo pretty much rendered the game totally unnecessary when they made Star Fox 64. Of course the “Katina” stage from Star Fox 64 is a very obvious direct homage to Independence Day, but really, the entire game has a very Independence Day-ish vibe.

A couple years back Nintendo released an excellent 3D remake of Star Fox 64 for the 3DS, which I’m going to go ahead and deem the best way to experience the game. If you can’t find Star Fox 64 3D on store shelves, it’s also available to download on the eShop.

‘Splosion Man & Ms. Splosion Man (Xbox Live Arcade)

All that stuff about founding the most powerful free nation in the world is cool and all, but come on, Independence Day is mostly about blowing s–t up, amirite? So yeah, here’s a couple games entirely about blowing s–t up. No further explanation necessary.

Liberty or Death (SNES & Genesis)

There are surprisingly few games about the American Revolution out there — I mean, there’s Assassin’s Creed III, the occasional Civilization scenario annnd that’s about it. Well, except of course for the best game about the American Revolution — Liberty or Death.

Basically an American-themed spin-off of Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy series, Liberty or Death is surprisingly deep for a game released in 1993. The game even gives you the choice to play as either the Americans or the British, although winning the game as the British is nearly impossible because USA! USA! USA!

Liberty to Death isn’t available to download in any sort of legal way unfortunately, but there are of course other ways of obtaining it. Do what you must.

So uh, yeah, hopefully some actual games come out next week when we’re all back at work and have no time to play them. Happy Independence Day! Also Canada Day for my fellow maple syrup chuggers! Planning to grab any of the above-mentioned games? Any games you’re itching to get your hands on that I failed to mention? Hit the comments and let everyone know.