A 91-Year-Old Woman Who Died Protecting Her Cat In A Tornado Is A Testament To Love

This video just surfaced as the sole upload from a user named “Fireman John” on YouTube, who writes in title cards that he’s been a fireman for 34 years, but had to share this touching and remarkable story of a 91-year-old woman he found under tornado debris. Unfortunately, the unnamed woman did not survive the tornado which more or less flattened her house. However, she was discovered still clutching onto her cat, as the very last thing she did in life was to attempt to protect her beloved pet.

Remarkably, though, the cat did survive the ordeal, as one of Fireman John’s fellow responders can be seen holding the woman’s pet, remarking, “I think she may have used up all her nine lives on this one.” Sadly, we don’t know what became of the woman’s cat, but we can only hope that one of the firemen took her in or otherwise found a good home for her.