A 12-Year Old Boy In Pennsylvania Robbed A Lemonade Stand With A BB Gun

I believe it was either Thomas Jefferson or Tupac who once said, “Every citizen should be a soldier,” but whichever legendary American actually said it, I don’t think he meant pre-teen kids. Regardless, a 12-year old boy in Johnstown, Pennsylvania was arrested on Monday after he was identified by several younger children as the person who robbed their lemonade at BB gunpoint.

Johnstown police said the boy, whose name was not released, allegedly robbed the lemonade stand Monday at the corner of Cypress Avenue and Bond Street in the Moxham section of the city.

Police said the boy used a BB gun to threaten a group of kids who were working the lemonade stand, stating that he would shoot the kids working the stand if they didn’t turn over any money.

The 12-year-old got away with about $30, police said. (WJAC TV via Gawker)

And now, for some unknown reason that countless people on the Internet will speculate about anyway, with many even making it a political issue, those victims have had their views of the world altered and this 12-year old is facing charges in juvenile court. On top of that, parents across the country now have to worry about letting their kids sit in the front yard and sell lemonade. Why? I don’t know, but I’m sure someone on cable news will tell me.

In the meantime, I’m going to need to check in on the young kids who sell me used golf balls at one of the golf courses that I frequent, just to make sure they’re okay and see if they want me to send them to Brazilian jiu-jitsu training or muay thai. Just kidding, they’ll go to both.

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