A 46-Year-Old Texas Woman Got Some Underage Kids Drunk, Then Posted Video Evidence To Facebook

A San Antonio woman, 46-year-old Reyna Ramos, has been charged with two counts of furnishing alcohol to minors earlier this summer — getting a teenage boy blackout drunk and then posting video onto Facebook. So clearly right off the bat here, we’re not dealing with the sharpest tool in the shed.

The arrest warrant stated that the two teens, who were brother and sister, had been family friends with Ramos for seven years and went to her home to visit on the night that the incident occurred.

From KSAT12:

While they were there, they said Ramos and two other adults in the home gave them beer, and one of the adults invited them to play a drinking game called “chandelier,” the affidavit stated.

The teenage boy told investigators he became drunk to the point of blacking out.

The affidavit stated that the teens’ mother discovered the following day that Ramos had posted a video to her Facebook page showing the boy stumbling around drunk and falling down.

When the mother confronted Ramos, she explained to the woman that it was better let the kids drink alcohol under adult supervision than on their own. On that note: If you’re not aware what the drinking game “chandelier” entails, it’s basically a combination of beer pong and flip cup — but if you’re the last person to flip your cup you have to chug an entire full cup of beer from the middle of the table.

I’m a lady who can hold my booze pretty satisfactorily (if I had a nickname for my liver, it would probably be “Old Ironsides”), but I do believe I would be thoroughly trashed after about 45 minutes or so of playing this game. So these teens? They never had a chance.

And as far as why she uploaded video to Facebook? Well, when your poor decision making skills are already on such a sweet roll, why stop there?