A Brother And Sister Were Arrested For Having Sex In A Church Parking Lot After Watching ‘The Notebook’

Unfortunately dragons and direwolves only exist in Westeros, but there is one thing that connects Game of Thrones and real life: INCEST. Meet America’s answer to Cersei and Jaime, 20-year-old Christopher Buckner and her 25-year-old half-brother Timothy Savoy (yes, Christopher’s the girl’s name), who were arrested in Effingham County, Georgia, for having sex in a truck in a church parking lot.

The Sheriff’s Office says the two were caught in a semi truck [parked at Countryside Baptist Church] on Tuesday.

Effingham County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson David Ehsanipoor says the two told deputies they had “sex three times after watching the movie The Notebook.”

Both have been charged with incest, aggravated sodomy, and prowling.

Incest, aggravated sodomy, prowling — those are four words you don’t see in the same sentence nearly enough. Anyway, marrying your cousins is one thing, but sleeping with your half-siblings seems so much worse (YOU GOT THAT TRUE BLOOD), especially to, of all movies, The Notebook.

If you wanna bone to Baby Goose, pick something romantic, something like Drive, especially the scene where the dude’s head gets crushed in an elevator. That’s a real hero move.

WJBF via Gawker