A Couple Flying To Las Vegas Joined The Mile High Club And Let Everyone Watch

Back in June, Jessica Stroble and Christopher Martin decided to take a trip together from Medford, Oregon to Las Vegas for reasons unknown. But I’m guessing that whatever the cause for their little vacation, it wasn’t so they could spend a lot of time in bed for some romance, because they didn’t waste any time taking care of the hanky panky on their hour-and-a-half flight.

According to a police report, several of the passengers on Allegiant Airlines Flight 557 told the flight attendants that they noticed Stroble and Martin performing lewd sexual acts on each other in their seats like nobody would notice. Ah, to be young and in love!

… a fellow passenger–sitting across the aisle from Jessica Stroble and Christopher Martin–observed Stroble “perform oral sex and manually stimulate the genitalia of a male passenger sitting in the window seat next to her.” After the act was completed, the witness, identified as “J.S.”, watched as Stroble “wiped off her mouth while the male put his penis back inside his pants.” (Via the Smoking Gun)

That’s just deplorable. I mean, there could have been kids sitting next to th- oh, I’m sorry, there’s more?

After Stroble, 33, cleaned herself up and Martin put himself away, the fellow flyers then watched as Martin placed his hand down Stroble’s pants, touching her crotch while he began “rubbing it up and down and the female assisted him.”

Following drink and snack service on the hour-and-a-half long flight, Stroble performed oral sex on Martin for a second time. Another flyer who happened to catch the couple in action told a flight attendant, “’this is not the sex education I wanted to give my teenage sons.’” After observing Stroble’s head in Martin’s lap, the airline employee then approached the duo and told them to stop. The worker later told an FBI agent that it appeared “based on the movement…the female was giving the male oral sex.”

But even that reprimand was not enough to slow Stroble and Martin down. As the flight was descending, the two flyers from across the aisle told law enforcement that Martin “pulled the female’s shirt down and began kissing the female’s exposed breast.” They notified a passing flight attendant who told the couple to stop, and they did.

Well good, I’m glad that someone eventually made them stop. You know, after the other passengers watched this dude get two BJs in a little over an hour. I’m not even mad.

(Banner via Cliff/Flickr)