A Lovely Photo Gallery From The First Day Of Comic Con 2011

As you probably know by now, Comic Con 2011 kicked off today in San Diego, and those of us who couldn’t make it out there for it — though we’re secretly dying to be there — have nothing else to do but play Comic Con bingo and poke fun at the celebs and attendees who are there while we sit at home, seething with envy, day-dreaming about the costume possibilities that could have been. (The vintage Mr. Spock costume I wore to a Halloween party in college still fits, I SWEAR!) So let’s get started, shall we?

Throughout the afternoon, I’ve been amusing myself by browsing the AP and Getty photo gallery at Yahoo of pics rolling in from the event. I’ve selected twenty of my favorites, like the one above of the centaur getting his oil checked (Getting your oil checked is important!), and, of course, added some pithy commentary of my own after the jump. Enjoy.

“How many patriotic virgins do I get to have sex with for being Captain America?”

Chris Evans is a complicated man. So emo.

Robert Pattinson displaying his emotional range.

Kristen Stewart displaying her emotional range.


Sucks to be the back half of this costume, I bet.

“Quick, get a picture of BooBoo by the fruit baskets!”

“Don’t touch me.”

“Anyone have a compact I can borrow for a sec?”


“Being Captain America is hard, you guys! Look at the crap promotional artwork I’m subjected to!”

“Where’s the strippers?”

“Ladies, this glow means I’m erect.”

The must have t-shirt of Comic Con 2011.

Okay, this is kind of creepy.

“My neighbor is taking care of my teacup Yorkie while I’m in San Diego.”

I have no idea what’s going on here.

I think it’s almost worth the trip to San Diego just to take a ride in this thing.

Yes please!