A Group Of Satanists Performed A ‘Gay Ritual’ On A Westboro Baptist Church Gravesite

Trying to top the Westboro Baptist Church in insanity is like attempting to make a Girl Scout cookie better than the Thin Mint. It ain’t gonna happen. After all, it doesn’t get much more batsh*t loco than rewriting the lyrics to Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” to picket the funeral of a guitarist from a metal band. So I must give a tip of my horns to the members of the Satanist Temple, who got close to matching the religious cult’s absurdity when they performed a “same-sex ritual at the grave of the mother of the church’s founder.”

Members of the Satanist Temple performed on Sunday what its spokesman describes as a “pink mass” an admittedly made-up ritual, celebrating gay love, at the grave in Meridian, Miss.

Spokesman Lucien Greaves doffed a headdress made of horns as two male couples, and a female couple recited scripture, lit candles and made out over the grave.

Members then declared Catherine Johnston, the mother of Westboro’s founder Fred Phelps, a lesbian.

The idea to stage a counter-protest by the New York based Satanist Temple after WBC members threatened to picket at funerals for those killed in the Boston Marathon bombings, Greaves told (Via)

In response, Satan himself was all like:

Even the epitome of evil hates the WBC.

(Via ABC)