A Group Of Turkish Students Have Started A Petition To Open A ‘Jedi Temple’ On Their Campus

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04.10.15 2 Comments


Turkey might be the next hot spot for Star Wars fans…and ISIS. But mostly for Star Wars fans. The reason is a new petition signed by 6,000 students across Turkey calling for the creation of a Jedi Temple on their campuses.

The Change.Org petition is the result of a controversy surrounding the creation of a “landmark” mosque on the campus of Istanbul Technical University. The petition for the Jedi Temple got its start via a student at Dokuz Eylul University and joins several. The unhappiness with the decision to build the mosque lead to protests across the country. From UPI:

The Dokuz Eylul University petition says supporters are seeking the construction of a Jedi temple like those seen in the Star Wars films “to recruit new Jedi and to bring balance to the Force.”

The petition says “uneducated Padawan,” the apprentice Jedi from the films, are “drawn to the dark side” because they lack the knowledge to “control their power.”

The petition states a “Jedi Council” would be created in the temple to “train and raise” new Jedi knights.

Another petition with nearly 20,000 signatures sought the creation of Buddhist temple on campus, at least highlighting that there is a major concern with students towards the campus focusing on one religion over another.

UPI does note that Turkey polls at 99.8 percent Muslim, with less than .2 percent identifying as Christian or Jewish. I would assume even less poll as Jedi, but that might change once the this temple is built, right? I mean they wouldn’t just ignore a petition, would they? I’m gonna go start practicing…


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(Via UPI / Hurriyet Daily News)

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