A ‘Jurassic Park’ Actor Was Arrested For Allegedly Raping A Teenage Girl

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06.08.14 11 Comments

Actor Cameron Thor, best known for playing well-shaved slimeball Dr. Lewis Dodgson in Jurassic Park, is apparently a pretty horrible guy in real-life, too: he was arrested last week “on a charge of kidnapping [a 13-year-old girl] with intent to commit rape.” He’s being held on a $2.6 million bail.

Officials said the unidentified victim, then 13, met with the suspect about attending acting classes. Thor teaches acting at Carter Thor Studios, which he co-owns with actress Alice Carter. After a consultation, Thor allegedly drove the girl to a secluded area in Agoura Hills and sexually assaulted her, CBS Los Angeles reports. Prosecutors said more sexual assaults followed. (Via)

Prison guard: “hey inmates, we got Dodgson here!” *inmates beat up Thor for an hour*

Via CBS News

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