A Llama And Goat Were Randomly Seen Walking The Streets Of A Small New York Town

Stephen Peterson was headed home after a long, tough work week. The only things standing in his way? Apparently a goat and a llama. No, this isn’t the beginning of a bad joke.

The farm animals appeared in his company’s parking lot seemingly out of nowhere and left Peterson a little more than just flabbergasted. Sure, runaway llamas are a thing in Arizona, but tame and eerily friendly ones in Upstate New York? Hmm. Jinkies, guys, we just might have a mystery on our hands. Either that, or it’s yet another Sprint commercial in the making.

Per his YouTube description:

I was leaving work on a friday night when I thought I saw a dog. Turns out it was a goat in the middle of a business type district in Liverpool, NY. Then I got bum rushed by a Llama and it scared the hell out of me as you can tell by the screams.

[Via YouTube]