A Non-Nerd’s Guide To The Sinister Six

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Recently, it was announced that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 would be pushed allllll the way to 2018 and instead, we’d see the Sinister Six on screens November 2016. Which in turn raised a host of questions on social media, most prominently… who the hell are the Sinister Six? Let us explain.

I’m guessing from the name they’re not nice people.

You’d be correct. Spider-Man’s villains, ineffectual against him one on one, team up to kill him.

Well, in theory. In reality, they either make an incredibly stupid decision like not fighting him as a team, or it’s all a trick by Doctor Octopus to take over the world, or poor human resources management and obsession with the number six forces them to recruit scrubs like Gog. Mostly the Sinister Six is a reminder that maybe getting six (or more!) violent, mentally unstable people together to perform a complex task is not the best idea.

So Spider-Man is going to be in this movie with a ton of villains? It’s basically just Spider-Man 3 meets The Amazing Spider-Man 3?

Actually, we’re not going to see Spidey in this one, or if we do, it’s going to be in a small role. Instead this appears to be focusing on a bunch of villains as they do… something. We’re assuming they steal something, because, really, what else are villains supposed to do? Help Doc Ock find his ninth tentacle?

Who are the members of the Sinister Six?

Sony was kind enough to tell us that in detail via annoying smartphone gimmick, although they also claim the lineup isn’t finalized. It appears, though, it’ll be the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Vulture, Kraven The Hunter, and what everybody is insisting is Mysterio but is obviously the Chameleon, because, come on, Mysterio is the lamest villain this side of Sidearm. We know the Goblin and the Rhino are in it because they’re cast and signed into contracts, but the rest are slightly up in the air.

So… who are the bad guys going to be?

Good question! Presumably Oscorp in some way, seeing as it’s been behind every terrible thing in the last two movies. Harry Osborne in particular is probably not feeling terribly charitable toward his father’s corporation, considering it was stolen from him and the people who stole it from him not only framed him for financial crimes but left him to die in a sub-basement of a horrible genetic disease they easily could have cured.

Considering a Venom movie is also supposedly in the works, it’s not out of the realm of possibility he’ll be showing up as a foe. But for now, it’s mostly just seeing the villains team up as the appeal. We’ll likely find out sooner rather than later; Sony will probably roll out something to tease fans at Comic-Con.

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