A Programming Note…

Just wanted to let you guys know that, barring something unexpected, we’ll be enjoying some much needed time off over the next few days. However, we’ll be back on Tuesday, though posting next week will be lighter than normal, as all of us here could really use some battery re-charging and the internet is kind of dead anyway (no one likes to dance around on stage when there’s hardly anyone in the audience). But we will have a few things for those of you unfortunate enough to be stuck at work, or bored at home, during the holidays.

With that out of the way, I leave you with two things: The first, which is embedded below, is the intro to Christmas With The Lettermans, which I had no clue existed prior to reading about it on Splitsider today. It was a Letterman holiday special that aired on NBC featuring a fake family — and it’s so subversively hilarious that I don’t see how it can’t warm even the coldest heart. The second is a link to something my long lost friend Kate wrote a few years back that I still think is one of the funniest holiday-related things ever written –go read the “Production Rider For Kate Kershner’s Holiday Visit Home Tour” at McSweeney’s when you have a minute. I think anyone who’s ever ventured home to their parents’ house for the holidays can relate to it.

Finally, from all of us here at UPROXX Media, we wish you all a lovely holiday season. Be safe, be well, and be as happy as a dog giving a bunny a tongue bath, and as loved a bunny receiving such a thing. We insist.

And have some Epic Santa Dog for good measure…