A Sixth Grade Teacher Swore At His Students And Bragged About His Penis Size

It’s Penis Week here on the internet (it’s the Shark Week of the cold-weather months). We’ve had penises stung by bees, a scientifically determined average penis size, a marriage destroyed by the husband’s massive penis, a penis-shaped cake that got a woman shot in the ass, and that guy on 4Chan who got his penis stuck in a roll of tape. Great job, penises — you’ve truly had a stellar few days. Unfortunately, a sixth-grade teacher in Dallas got a little cocky (I’m not sorry about that and I won’t take it back) with the Penis Week spirit and took it out on a group of unsuspecting children.

And one of those kids recorded the whole thing.

“Some people’s d–k, they only go that far,” he said, adding improbably “My d–k goes all the way to that fence.”

He promised to show them when students laughed.

“I’m gonna show you what a d–k is,” the teacher said. “I’m gonna d–k your a– over.”

The mother of the student who recorded the tirade said she took it to the principal and the principal asked her to delete it. The teacher has not yet officially been fired and he and his fence-d*ck are instead on administrative leave.

Source: NY Daily News