A Store In Japan Is Selling These Disgustingly Realistic Gummy Bugs (And People Are Buying Them!)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved most things gummy. I’ll gladly chomp on the various novelties (pizzas, Cola bottles, and burgers) — heck, I even sported a gummy watch one whole afternoon a few summers ago. However, lately I feel the candy’s taken a turn for the worst.

Back in July, we were appalled to see the food abomination that was the Gummy Bear Bratwurst. Now, thanks to Japan, there’s a new chewy product that’s literally got my stomach doing flips: insanely realistic larvae.

The Red Tent coffee shop (Akai Tento no Koohii Ten) in north west Japan, is making quite a name for itself with its realistic creepy-crawly sweets, which are all handmade and filled with fruity syrup, rather than, you know, guts and stuff.

Visitors can take their pick from the tasty looking, and scarily realistic, rhinoceros beetle larvae (Kabutomushi Youchuu Gumi), which are actually a yoghurt flavoured jelly filled with blueberry jam.

Yeah, somewhere in the world the original gummy worm designer is doing a major facepalm while shouting out repeatedly, “No! No! It was never supposed to be this way!” Indeed. Sure, these treats might be filled with sweet jellies, but it’s hard to get past their creepy crawly exteriors. And obviously, if you’re one of those people who gags at the mere sight of an insect, you might want to totally steer clear of these.

This Yahoo! Japan shopping site sells the gummy bugs online, but sweet-toothed foodies may have to wait a bit as they appear to be completely sold out (!) at the moment. Wowzers.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on more gooey critters below (if you dare).

Via Metro