A Teacher Tattooed The Name Of A Female Student She Allegedly Had Sexual Relations With On Her Body

In teachers reportedly having inappropriate relations with their students news, we move from Texas and Louisiana to Durham, North Carolina, where, according to WLAR, 37-year-old Michelle Smith White, pictured above, was “charged with having sex with a Charles E. Jordan High School student,” whose name and initials she had tattooed on her body.

Michelle Smith White…was charged in July with taking indecent liberties with a student and engaging in a sex offense with a student. Authorities said White formed a friendship with the female student in 2012, when the girl was 15, and it later evolved into a sexual relationship. (Via)

The Durham County Sheriff’s Office obtained a warrant to search White’s house, computer, and cell phone, where they discovered texts that included the word “threesome” and alluded to “the involvement of Ms. White’s husband.” About that tattoo:

The search warrant also instructed officers to photograph White to show her tattoo showing the girl’s name, initials, and “artist rendering which would be symbolic of the juvenile.” (Via)

Hopefully unlike the identity of the Honey Boo Boo victim, that “artist rendering” is never released.