A Woman Allegedly Stabbed Her Husband Because His Poop Smelled Too Bad

Aside from the usual finances, in-laws and division of household chores, one of the most common causes of marital stress stems from the bathroom. Does she take too long in there? Does he leave the toilet seat up? Men are like this and women are like this, am I right?

Rarely do bathroom disagreements end in stabbings, but according to Metro UK, that’s just what happened when a 29-year-old Japanese woman named Emi Mamia allegedly slashed her husband’s face because he left the bathroom “unusable” due to a particularly foul-smelling dump. It’s unclear if the man was eating Pepper Jack Cheez-Its® before the incident took place because, let’s just say… some of us won’t be going down that snack time road again.

Mamia told Japanese police that to compound matters, her husband then tried to help their 3-year-old son use the now-horribly smelling bathroom without washing his hands first, which is just unsanitary. I guess that was the point where she could stand no more.

This is why I can’t advocate living in a house with more than one bathroom enough. My husband and I keep to his and hers bathrooms, and our marriage is still relatively stabbing-free.