A Woman At A BBQ Got Stabbed In The Eye With A Fork Over A Rib

fork stab

Being hungry can certainly make people act peculiar at times. This behavior, though, is usually limited to some mild griping or grumpiness. According to the Star Press, a woman in Muncie, Ind. took being “hangry” to a whole other level, when she decided to eye-stab another woman with a fork over a barbecue rib.

Sabrina A. Davis was loading up on foodstuffs at a friend’s barbecue when the homeowner’s daughter got upset about her “taking the last rib from the kitchen.” Sabrina, feeling that her BBQ honor had been slighted, got into a heated confrontation with the daughter. Things then escalated to Maury show levels, when Sabrina took a fork and jammed it into the woman’s eye. The victim, trying not to become the next course at the barbecue, quickly grabbed a knife to defend herself.

Officer Amy Kesler was soon called to try to patch up the messy dispute:

That woman confronted Davis “about taking all the food,” and told officer Amy Kesler that Davis responding by stabbing her in the left eye with a fork she had been using “to take meat from a pan.”

The victim had “at least two small lacerations on her left eyelid,” Kesler wrote, and her eye was “swollen and bloodshot.”

A witness told police the victim “was frustrated that Davis was taking so much food from the house,” and after being wounded in the eye, “grabbed a knife from the counter and was trying to get to Davis.”

Davis said to authorities that she was the one, in fact, who was acting in self-defense, claiming that the victim swung her knife first. The police, however, weren’t buying the tale and arrested Davis on a preliminary charge of criminal recklessness.

She should fit right in at jail. Arguments there end up as stabbings sometimes, too.

(Via: The Star Press)