A Woman Spiked Her Family’s Milk With Dead Skin From Her Feet

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This story might be better to read after a light lunch. According to the Daily News, 56-year-old Sarah P. Schrock was arrested Wednesday for contaminating her family’s milk with dead skin shavings from her feet. Yes, you read that right, FOOT SKIN.

During a May 4th visit to Schrock’s home, Jessica Hurry and Allison Depriest were offered a couple glasses of milk. After a few gulps of the beverage, Depriest immediately began gagging, eventually coughing up what was thought to be dead human skin. Hurry started choking as well, and after straining the milk, also found skin shavings in her beverage. GAHHHHHH!!!.

Schrock denied any wrong-doing, but Hurry had a different story for police:

Hurry told cops Schrock had dry feet because of diabetes and would keep “trays in her room with the same kind of dead skin shavings that had come off of her feet.”

Schrock was eventually arrested on food contamination and assault charges.

As gross as foot milk may sound, It’s still probably better than some recent offerings from a certain major soft drink company.

(Source: Daily News)