An Academy Member Didn't Vote For Amy Adams Because Of Her Distracting Breasts

OH GOD GET THOSE MONSTROSITIES OUT OF HERE AMY ADAMS. To prove that everyone in Tinsel Town is awful, especially people who say Tinsel Town, the Hollywood Reporter asked secret members of the Academy to share their “brutally honest” ballots. It’s where grudges become public, and only goes to show that the Oscars are nothing if not a middle school cafeteria. But with more hair gel.

For example, here’s one “longtime member of the…378-member writers branch” bitching about boobs.


I thought all along that I was gonna vote for Sandra Bullock. Of all the movie stars stranded in a non-rescue situation — in other words, her, [Robert] Redford [in All Is Lost] and Tom Hanks [in Captain Phillips] — she was the best, by far, and showed a fantastic range of emotion, and if she gets it I won’t be disappointed. Amy Adams was good but not her best, and the device of having her breasts hanging down in every single costume was a little distracting, plus the movie just didn’t do it for me. Cate Blanchett? God, she was fabulous — except I thought the dice were stacked against the younger sister [Sally Hawkins], and sometimes I will not vote for an actor if the movie bothers me. Speaking of which, I didn’t like the Meryl Streep movie [August: Osage County], and it was certainly not my favorite Meryl Streep performance. Philomena was the absolute last film I saw before voting, and I was totally amazed because it’s a movie that seemed to be taking you in a tearjerking, soap opera direction at almost every turn, and yet it never does; it turns away from sentimentality because her [Judi Dench’s] character isn’t having any of it. (Via)

Meanwhile, Judi Bench’s boobs, more like Golden Globes AMIRITE, were perfect.

Via the Hollywood Reporter