You’ll Never Watch A Movie The Same Way Again After You Read About These Very Awkward Sex Scenes

01.12.16 2 years ago

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The enterprising folks at Reddit know how to get down and call it “work.” Mind you, these are not adult film stars, but people who have starred in plays or commercial films with a mainstream slant. Sex scenes can be both embarrassing and disastrous for the parties involved. Luckily, the best AskReddit threads are the ones revolving around occupational hazards. From haunted house employees to tales from security guards, nurses, and bartenders, the internet has seen everything.

With this thread, Reddit goes all out to describe the mayhem that can happen during love scenes. The biggest problems revolve around the guys trying to, uh, stay calm, but other accidents happen, too. Let’s commiserate with these poor folks, but as a trigger warning, some of these stories are raunchy:

DustReplacement began with some wise words from a veteran actor:

“I read an interview with Ralph Fiennes where he was asked this question. He said something like: “yeah, there is always this awkwardness with your partner as in: ‘sorry if I get aroused, also sorry if I don’t'”

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