Baby Goat Parkour Is Exactly What You Need On A Monday

When Apple added slow-motion video capabilities to their later-generation iPhones, it was immediately abused and used to document already boring moments. Thanks, Janine. I definitely wanted a slow-motion video of your sleeping baby clogging up my Facebook newsfeed. Word to the wise: Slow motion doesn’t automatically make something more interesting.

However, sometimes slow motion is used for good, and this video of baby goats scampering all over a pile of hay bales is one of those times. Parkour is usually more intense or even comically bad, but this time, it’s just adorable. Goats rank pretty highly on the baby animal cuteness scale, and this should put them even closer to the top. Not that it is a contest, but the multicolored munchkin wins for skill, while his smaller counterpart easily takes the “Most Adorable” prize. Something about their unfettered glee at the prospect of scaling and then throwing themselves off Hay Bale Mountain is guaranteed to lift the spirits, even if it’s a Monday after a too short weekend. A viewing of this video is bound to raise morale, because the power of cute baby animals will not be denied.

Because this is the internet, I would expect a dubstep remix by the end of the day.