Adult Video Searches Surged During The Rio Olympics And People Are Really Into Volleyball


Well, it seems like Pornhub may have had something going with the adult video website’s push to control the Zika virus by encouraging athletes and residents in Rio to stay in and wank off instead of engaging in casual sex. Either that or there’s just something about the Olympic Games that makes people feel frisky, because Pornhub statisticians found a spike in traffic during the 2016 Summer Games. Not just from the state of Rio de Janeiro, but across the world as users searched out Olympic-related porn.

This first chart shows a 15 percent spike in traffic in Rio alone on Aug. 6, the day after the games started.

Rio alone was enough to make an impact, as worldwide searches for the location of the Olympics alone spiked to 517 percent on Aug. 7.

Not surprisingly, searches containing “Olympic” and “Olympian” jumped to 2729 percent above average, with the most popular searches specifically being “nude Olympics,” Olympics” and “sex Olympics.” Sex Olympics!

Looking at all those hard bodies must have set people off, because searches for “athletes” in general went up 417 percent above average, with “athlete Olympic” being the second most searched term.

Finally, and perhaps least surprising of all, Pornhub did a breakdown of which sports people searched for specifically, and volleyball won by a landslide, followed by football/soccer, swimming, and gymnastics.

You can see more (safe for work) Olympic search results data by heading over to Pornhub Insights.