The ‘Affluenza’ Kid Yet Again Avoids Jail Time Because We’re Creating A Society Of Biebers

Ethan Couch, the “affluenza” kid who killed four people and injured nine others last June — after driving 70mph in 40mph zone with his blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit — has again skirted jail time. Couch was once again brought before a Texas judge after his sentence of probation in December sparked national outrage. In summary, today was a landmark victory for rich white sociopathic kids everywhere. From the NY Daily News:

Couch, who is currently in state custody, is expected to receive alcohol and drug rehab, and could face prison time if he runs away from the facility or violates any other terms of his probation, Alpert said.

There is no minimum amount of time Couch must spend in the facility before his release, prosecutor Riley Shaw said.

Wynn [Couch’s attorney] ripped the media and the public’s focus on “affluenza” and said that his client was misunderstood.

He said reporting of the Couch case had “so twisted the facts that were actually presented in court that I don’t think the truth will ever be able to come out now.”

So basically, don’t blame the entitled walking afterbirth for senselessly killing four people, blame the media for skewing the facts of his ridiculously fabricated defense. I mean, now this kid is going to have go through life with “affluenza” hanging over his head instead of “being a murderer.” How many times must the media destroy innocent lives before they’re stopped?