Your In-Flight Cocktails Are About To Be Become Even More Joyless

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If you’re taking a flight anytime soon you may have to forgo your slice of lime in your gin or vodka and tonic, as several airlines are pulling limes from their cocktail carts due to skyrocketing lime prices. I usually order the half bottle of wine, anyway, because pro tip: It’s the most economical and then you have a half of a bottle of wine, which is awesome. The New York Times reports:

“We temporarily pulled limes about two weeks ago, due to skyrocketing lime prices,” says Alaska Airlines spokeswoman Halley Knigge. She says the airline normally goes through about 900 limes a day.

Lime growers in the Mexican state of Michoacan have reduced their supply because of unrest caused by drug cartels and flooding from heavy rains. That, combined with drought in California and an overall growing demand for limes for margaritas, tacos and other dishes, has driven up prices to a three-year high.

United Airlines has had to make do with lemons on some flights, saying the California drought has limited its lime supply. “We still serve limes, though they’re more difficult to source. So, on some flights we’re substituting with lemons,” says spokesman Rahsaan Johnson.

First of all, lemons are bullsh*t. If anyone is that worried about getting a slice of lime in their drink on a plane, just bring some cut up slices with you in a ziplock baggie. (Or better yet, bring your own booze.)

I’m personally more concerned about margarita and mojito season coming up. When I went to pick up a few things at the grocery store the other day I noticed that limes were 3 for $2.99, (!!!!) and I could easily go through a dozen or more limes on a pitcher or two of margaritas with friends in the summer. Sigh. I guess there’s always Bud Light Lime-a-Ritas, because I’m pretty sure nothing resembling an actual lime is used in the making of those abominations.

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