Al Pacino Will Pay An Astronomical Amount Of Child Support To Noor Alfallah, His 29-Year-Old Girlfriend

Al Pacino, age 83, unexpectedly became an expectant father earlier this year with his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, age 29. This is Pacino’s fourth child, and at the time that the news initially broke (via TMZ), word also spread that Pacino had asked for a paternity test because he didn’t believe that he was still able to father children. However, and as Jeff Goldblum first said in Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way.”

The LA Times reported that Pacino and Alfallah welcomed son Roman in June, and the above Getty photo was taken (on the set of a Bad Bunny video shoot) in August. In September, however, Alfallah filed court papers for custody of Roman with the LA Times relaying word from a source that they were “still together” despite the filing. Now, Page Six is reporting that the custody issue has been settled (Noor will retain full physical custody, and she and Al will share legal custody), and Pacino will be opening his wallet, big time:

Al Pacino has to pay his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, over $30,000 a month in child support, according to documents obtained by Page Six.

A Los Angeles judge further ordered the “Scarface” star to pay Alfallah $110,000 upfront before continuing with the monthly payments, $13,000 for a night nurse, and cover any medical bills outside of health insurance coverage.

Not only that but Pacino has been ordered to make a yearly $15,000 deposit into an education fund for his youngest son.

Previously, Page Six also reported alleged chatter that Noor, who previously dated Mick Jagger and billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, “is very positive and not an opportunist… She loves old people and these guys are fascinating.” And as TMZ previously pointed out, “Pacino would be 100, God willing, when the child turns 18.” There’s been no word of a breakup between Alfallah and Pacino as of yet, but perhaps in light of their age difference, they thought it best to get things straight on a legal note.

(Via Page Six)