Al Pacino, 83, Reportedly Insisted Upon A Paternity Test After Learning That His 29-Year-Old Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Al Pacino, like most people, was surprised to learn that his girlfriend, 29-year-old girlfriend Noor Alfallah, is 8 months pregnant (as originally reported by TMZ). The outlet now follows up with confirmation from their sources that Pacino was “shocked” by this information because he believed himself to be incapable of impregnating anyone. TMZ’s sleuthing follows word from Showbiz 411 of a paternity test, which (to be fair) was not the most outlandish idea, considering that Pacino is 83 years old.

Then again, Pacino’s good buddy and repeated co-star, 79-year-old Robert De Niro, recently welcomed his seventh child, so strange things do happen. “Where the f*ck did this heat come from?” De Niro’s character wondered in Michael Mann’s 1995 crime drama, and the cause of another kind of “heat” is still a mystery, but yep, Alfallah did “oblige” with a paternity test, via TMZ:

Al Pacino was so certain he could not get his girlfriend or anyone else pregnant, he did not believe the baby was his at first, and got a DNA test for proof … sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ.

The 83-year-old actor, we’re told, had medical issues that would have commonly prevented a man from impregnating a woman. We’re told Al had no idea until 2 months ago that 29-year-old Noor Alfallah was pregnant, and when he found out he was “shocked.”

He seems even more shocked than the world was to learn about that (alleged) Shrek phone case. And everyone will also want to know who The Godfather is, so the weirdness probably will not stop here.

Alfallah has apparently been dating Pacino for about a year and was previously linked to Mick Jagger, now age 79, and billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, now age 61. Since news of Noor’s pregnancy broke, one of her friends spoke with Page Six to declare, “She is very positive and not an opportunist… She loves old people and these guys are fascinating.” So there you have it.

(Via TMZ, Showbiz 411 & Page Six)