These Dudes In Alabama Spent Labor Day Jumping A Flaming SUV Into A Lake

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09.09.15 4 Comments

How did you spend your Labor Day weekend? Maybe you spent some time enjoying backyard cookouts with family and friends, or perhaps even contemplatively reflecting on the labor movement? Or maybe you spent it like the guy who uploaded this video to YouTube under the username “aguyfromalabama,” also known as Jakob Hernig, who writes on Reddit that he and his buddies “thought this would be a smart thing to do over Labor Day weekend.”

That smart thing was to jump a flaming SUV off of some kind of cliff or high embankment, leaping out mid air (taking care to plug up his nose) as both man and vehicle go plummeting into a lake. And that’s how you do Labor Day. “Football, beer, and flying flaming vehicles. Roll Tide,” writes Hernig. Can’t argue with that.

(Via Reddit)

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