These Alabama Fisherman Have An Unusual Catch: Two Adorable Kittens

Usually, when you hear about fishermen finding unexpected water creatures, it means something monstrous and horrifying. Internet users have been trained to expect the worst from these kinds of animal videos, be it freakishly huge catfish or anacondas that could easily crush a man. Don’t even get me started on the horrors that lurk in the ocean.

However, this fishing expedition had a much more adorable outcome. While they were out on the Warrior River in Alabama, two men noticed a strange sight… a little orange kitten swimming towards their boat. Its itty bitty twin soon followed, apparently coming from the shoreline in search of help. Kittens are always cute, but the two tough dudes turning to mush at the sight of tiny kitties makes it even better. While things are obviously not going according to plan, they are clearly delighted with their new guests. Who wouldn’t want a pair of ginger first mates?

It is unknown where these two kittens came from, but they seem to be very grateful for their rescue. Hopefully they found good homes with these men or someone else in the area. But seriously, people: Don’t dump your animals in the woods. That’s just plain mean.

(Via Mashable)