6 Points On Alabama’s National Championship Win, Which Is Only A Few Points Less Than Notre Dame Scored

The Alabama Crimson Tide made Monday night’s BCS National Championship game unwatchable in a matter of minutes. By the end of the game’s first quarter, ‘Bama had a 21-0 lead, outplaying and humiliating Notre Dame in a game that would have ended by halftime if it were two buddies playing NCAA Football ’13. The final score, 42-14, was just. The teams could have played 10 more times, and the Tide would have won at least eight of those games. The following are some thoughts about the game – and the bowl season in general – because a recap really isn’t necessary.

1. The Irish faithful will be waiting for a while for another crack at the championship. Give credit to Brian Kelly for bringing the storied franchise to prominence in only his second season, but realize that this senior-heavy squad is going to take a while to return to the top of the mountain. The team’s senior-heavy defense – led by Manti Te’o – will have some major holes to fill before another BCS trip is considered.

2. Alabama isn’t going anywhere. Nick Saban has created a monster. Saban always hits his mark while recruiting defensively. Freshman running back T.J. Yeldon looks to be the next big thing in college football, and the same can be said about freshman wideout Amari Cooper. And junior quarterback AJ McCarron, in throwing four touchdowns against the nation’s top-ranked defense, will be a Heisman contender should he return for his senior year. Which brings me to my next two points…

3. AJ McCarron is a douchebag. Up big in the fourth quarter, the QB and Alabama’s all-world starting center Barrett Jones miscommunicate the snap (or the latter suffers a brain fart), causing a delay of game penalty. Any sane quarterback in the situation would realize the incredible work done by his offensive line, shake it off and get ready for the next play. McCarron responds by popping off in Jones’s grill, causing the hulking lineman to shove the quarterback. Not a good look for anyone involved…

4. … But his girlfriend, Katherine Webb, can get it. Two times. Arizona Cardinals’ defensive tackle Darnell Dockett agrees.

5. Once again, the SEC is better than your conference. Pit an All-SEC squad against an All-Every-Other-Conference squad, and who do you really think would win? It isn’t even about coaching anymore; the talent gap between the SEC-area states and the rest of the country is just absurd. This wasn’t even a challenge to Nick Saban, who’s play-calling is more or less: let my goliath defensive linemen bruise, batter and intimidate the other team for 60 minutes. It isn’t fair…

6. … But you don’t have to like them. As a matter of fact, hating-on them is encouraged. Looking for a reason to shit-talk an SEC fan even though their team is in all liklihood better than yours? They’re preppy enough to wear ties to football games. Unacceptable.

And with that, we leave you with Kirk Herbstreit & Brent Musburger thirsting over Katherine Webb in real-time.