Alaska Learns About the Constitution

Senior Contributor

One of the things that really does make America unique is our First Amendment. Many other countries have censorship boards and serious free speech issues; just ask any British newspaper. Of course, this doesn’t stop people from trying to control what you see, read and hear, but they usually fail miserably.

The latest miserable failure is a law in Alaska that would have made it a crime to accidentally show a kid anything defined as “sexually explicit”, even if you had no idea the person in question was underage, and, just for giggles, it also left the definition of “sexually explicit” pretty vague, which meant that a video store clerk could go to jail for renting a seventeen-year-old an art movie with boobs in it.

Needless to say, an Alaskan judge took one look at the law, said “HA! But no.” and struck it down. So, it’s still safe to surf for porn in Alaska — just be careful not to get sued.

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