The Albuquerque Newspaper Ran An Obituary For Walter White Today

If you pick up a copy of today’s Albuquerque Journal, you’ll find the obituary above tucked away inside. According to the paper, the obit was paid for by a local Breaking Bad fan group.

David Layman was on set when Walter White was brought to life in 2007.

The Los Lunas resident was also one of 10.3 million viewers to see White die in the final episode of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.”

Having White around for six years, Layman grew to love the character and the TV show.

The series finale inspired Layman and members of the Facebook group “Unofficial Breaking Bad Fan Tour” to place an obituary for White in today’s Journal. It is on Page A4.

“I’ve been a humongous ‘Breaking Bad’ fan since the beginning,” Layman said. “I was actually in the pilot, and putting the obit in the paper was fitting, because the series was based in Albuquerque and it provides some of us some closure.”

We could totally be friends with David Layman.

(Via Pleated Jeans)