The Alex Jones Custody Trial Proceedings Included Videos Of Him Tearing His Shirt Off, Of Course

The Alex Jones custody trial was off to a rousing start this morning with multiple embarrassing claims by ex-wife Kelly Jones’ attorney. First, Bobby Newman told the court that Alex couldn’t remember basic details about his kids during a deposition because he just “ate a big bowl of chili.” In addition, Alex acted slightly disruptive (and was reprimanded) for making faces and shaking his head while the hits kept coming. The basic issue confronted after these ugly opening arguments revolved around Kelly’s claims that Jones is unstable while his attorney says that he’s simply acting in “performance art.” (Jones curiously disputed this excuse while driving to the courthouse: “I am completely real and everybody knows it.”)

Alex was expected to take the stand today, but that event was postponed until tomorrow’s proceedings. Don’t worry, there’s still entertainment to be had. Since this trial isn’t exactly C-SPAN level viewing, much of what poured onto the internet came from Buzzfeed News’ Charlie Warzel, whose fingers must be aching after tweeting an exhaustive supply of 140-character (or less) reports. Most importantly at this moment, Kelly’s attorney apparently played Infowars episodes that show Alex ripping his shirt off. This was an “intense” viewing experience.

In addition, Kelly’s lawyer alleged that Jones has been diagnosed with both narcissism and paranoia (which Alex’s lawyer disputes). And he allegedly took off his shirt during a family therapy session?

Things grew even more crazier when Kelly’s attorney tried to submit a certain video (that shows Alex instructing his son to throw darts at a photo of Hillary Clinton’s face) into evidence, but the judge rejected the request since this could politically sway jurors against Alex.

Well, court has adjourned for the day, but there should be more fun on tap for tomorrow, and here’s a special treat. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of watching Jones rip his shirt off, this will satisfy (some of) your curiosity.