Alex Jones Posted An InfoWars ‘Help Wanted’ Ad, And The Internet Is Predictably Mocking Him

09.14.17 1 year ago


Snake oil salesman Alex Jones runs one of President Trump’s favorite news sources, which honestly explains so much. While Chief of Staff John Kelly is trying to keep the Infowars head’s “performance art” away from the president, Jones is still hard at work telling the world his truth — when he isn’t apologizing to yogurt companies for spreading his conspiracy theories.

Warning the world about the New World Order or Illuminati or whatever is hard work, so it’s no wonder that Alex Jones is looking for some help.

That’s right, if you’re in the Austin area and know how to cut video or are a freelance journalist with great spelling and grammar who reads the Drudge Report, Alex Jones wants to hear from you. Unfortunately, rather than submitting PDFs of samples of their work, people on Twitter seem more interested in mercilessly roasting Alex Jones for his wild ideas and proclivity for tearing off his shirt than following his instructions in how to apply to these fabulous job opportunities.

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