Alex Jones Went On Russian State TV To Praise Putin, Trash America, Cry, Vomit, And Claim That He’ll Soon Be Assassinated: ‘This Could Be My Last Message’

It’s been a while since Alex Jones, arguably America’s most famous conspiracy theorist, has made news. The last time was back in May, when the Infowars guy fell for a fake AI Tucker Carlson who suggested they suck on each other’s nipples. But now he’s made a big comeback by going on Russian state TV, where he proceeded to trash America, almost cry, and almost vomit.

As per Newsweek, Jones was a guest on Full Contact, hosted by top propagandist Vladimir Solovyov. There he called America under Joe Biden an “occupied globalist country” run by “oligarchs” like “Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.” He also claimed that the government is “arresting everybody” and that “our country is captured.”

To really class up the joint, Jones compared government officials to “hijackers who take over an airplane,” adding, “They’re flying the American airplane into the building—like 9/11—that is Russia. And so I’m trying to stop that.”

Jones also asserted that he’s facing “assassination” attempts, even going so far as to say, “This could be my last message.” About the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he said, “we have to tell the truth about what’s happening in Ukraine, even if it gets us killed, because the globalists are insane, mentally [sic] degenerates.”

He also claimed that Tucker Carlson, already a Putin fanboy, is about to go “all in” for Russia over Ukraine. At one point he said, “The globalists want to eat Russia and they want to eat me. To understand their mindset, they’re cannibals.”

At one point Jones got so worked up that he started tearing up. At another, he started to gag repeatedly, looking off-screen for, presumably, a bucket.

Solovyov gushed about Jones, comparing him to Rush Limbaugh and calling him a “great knight in shining armor.” He also invited him to stay at his family home.

Does this mean Jones will be hightailing to Russia, to live where there’s no McDonald’s? Will Tucker join him? Stay tuned, apparently.

(Via Newsweek)