Alex Jones And Spencer Pratt Have Become Snorkeling Buddies In Hawaii


Unlikely celebrity friendships aren’t always as cute as say unlikely animal friendships, but they do strike the same sort of curiosity. Especially when the budding buddyhood involves snorkeling and tearing the sh*t out of shirts in the name of broadcasting tirades. So, uh, have a think about that.

Reality television mainstay and Lady Gaga despiser Spencer Pratt spotted Alex Jones at his Hawaiian resort. The conspiracy obsessed broadcaster snorkeled as Pratt observed and shared his discovery on Twitter. You will either be delighted or disappointed by what Jones brings to the vacation bathing trunks table.

The Cut peered into Pratt’s Jones-related wheelings and dealings at the resort. Pratt told them that he and Jones planned to go snorkeling together. That’s when the Twitter video pretzels began raining onto the field from Pratt’s account. He shared a number of videos from his interactions with the far-right host ranging from a howdy alongside Pratt’s pregnant wife Heidi Montag to Alex Jones declaring victory over Megyn Kelly to Pratt trying to nudge a shouty rant out of the Infowars operator. Pratt was only able to get Jones to take it to a 0.7 on the freakout meter providing anti-Clinton jabs and recalling a dream involving Paula Jones.

Are Alex Jones and Spencer Pratt certified buds? It’s hard to tell from Pratt’s tone in the videos. Is he mocking Jones by treating him as a wind-me-up far-right pundit or is it two celebs enjoying a nice time yelling about how you killed Megyn Kelly’s ratings at the beach? You make the call. Here’s some pondering music for while you wait.

(Via The Cut)